Md Sirajul Islam

Project Coordinator (Climate Change Adaptation)

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Md Sirajul Islam, 
Assistant Manager-Social Development Program (MFP)
UDDIPAN, Head Office, House No-9, Road No-1, Block-F, Janata Cooperative Housing Society Ltd, Ring Road, Adabar, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh. 
Telephone : +8801553-413030
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Summery : 
I have working experience in different programs such as Child Development, Human rights, Exploitation, Violence against women & children, Good governance, Gender & participation, Partnership, Lobbing & networking, Advocacy and capacity building with the religious leaders, local government towards positive shift of the marginalized group of the country. A part from this, I have had an opportunity to work at grass root to national level different stakeholders in relating to the mention-able programs (especially gender based violence and prevent violence against women, girls and boys). Besides, I have conducted need based monitoring by applying its different tools and techniques in order to successful operation of the different programs/projects.

Activities on Gender Based Violence Against Girls, Boys and Women.

• Cultural activity perform in the community, addresto all forms of Gender based Violence against Girls, Boys and Women through theater for development  (TFD)  group.
• To prevent Violence against children at formal school through conducting school awareness raising session.
• Conduct Campaign on Violence issue (folk song) at rural level in the vein of Village, Para, Moholla, Hat, bazar through folk song group.
• Organize workshops/seminars with different type of institution on Child Rights (CR) and Gender based Violence issues.
• Conduct awareness and sensitized session with  employers, parents and children on CR and Gender based Violence issues
• Conduct meeting/orientation with parents, guardian, and employers on Gender, Sexuality, Violence and health issues.
• Conduct session on Gender, Sexuality, Violence and health issues .with ECD and NFE Schools guardian/parents  through parenting education.
• Conduct formal and informal meeting with parents on non-violent & protective issues including, physical and psychological punishment, hazardous work etc.
• Developed  ToR for functioning children and women’s standing committee and well functioning of Govt. Social protection schemes.
• Community Watch dog committee formed for prevent Violence against children.
• Teachers Forums formed for prevent Violence against children in the School.
• Journalist forum formed (both Print and Electronic media ) for prevent Violence against children in rural level.
• Community level sharing meeting with positive leader “to end Violence Against Girls, Boys, women and other Men”
• Male community member participate on CR and Gender based Violence training.
• Workshops organize with community opinion leader LEB members on CR and Gender based Violence issues.
• Orientation on Gender, Sexuality, Violence and health issues to parents of disable children.
• Workshop organize with formal school teacher on Physical humiliating Punishment (PHP)
• Round table discussion meeting with community, LEB & Child Club Member on “end Violence Against Girls, Boys, women and other Men”
• Dialogue session with positive leaders, UP members and duty bearers on CR Violence issue.
• Meeting/consultation with law enforcement agency on CR Violence issue.
• Establishing Child Club is to Promote Children’s Participation and empowers rural Children.
• Conducts training to parents & employers to increase knowledge and skill on prevent Violence against children.

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